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7 Tips to Help You Make a Good Post for your Business

The options to make your brand known on the Internet are countless. Among the most popular is the blog. Posting interesting content on the company's website has great potential to generate interest among users. Therefore, the so-called branded content (production of content linked to a brand) is an increasingly frequent bet in digital marketing.

Now, how to make a good post?

Thinking about the consumer who looks for products on the Internet and buys them online, it is worth it to invest in this medium. Here are seven important points to consider when writing a blog post for your business.

Central theme
The post must communicate something. The central theme of the article must appear prominently in the title, since this is where you will first attract the attention of users. It is important, however, that you do not frustrate the reader's expectations. That is to say: the text must contain what you promise in the title.

Although the content is the most important thing to reach the search engine results, images attract the attention of the consumer who makes a "diagonal reading" of the article. Add strategic images that help captivate your readers.

You must organize your thoughts and ideas. Few people pay attention to this and the result is that structure appears sloppy in publications. To avoid this, think first of the introduction and then conclude each idea before starting the next one, so as not to confuse the reader. Only finish the text if there are no outstanding issues.

Exclusive content
If you only replicate a post that was published somewhere else before, you will compete with the blog that published the original content. Ideally, you should create exclusive articles and differentiate yourself from the competition. To do this, you must resort to creative strategies that allow you to captivate the reader.

Although it is true that many people do not have the patience to read a long text on the Internet, shorter texts do not always produce the best results. For the text to be included in search engines, articles should ideally be between 500 and 1,500 words long.
Internal links
The internal navigation strategy, widely used by traditional websites, can also be effective in a blog post. The use of internal links in a publication helps to keep the reader on your website and, therefore, you will gain traffic.

Call-to-action is a good tactic to get the reader interested in what you publish. There is little point in creating quality content if you don't invite interested parties to participate. Tell the reader what they can do, such as sharing the content or even buying your products through the brand's online store.




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