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White Wedding Dress

What to Look for when Renting a Wedding Dress

Planning on Renting a Wedding Dress? Lets try answering some of your questions.

Are you wondering whether to rent or buy a wedding dress? You may have a few questions. Renting is a new way to fulfill the dream.

1. Wedding dress rental: a new trend!

In current times, renting wedding dresses or elegant clothes for parties tends to be taken more naturally. Brides can wear beautiful designs in a more affordable way and not give up a dream because of the costs of buying a new dress. Many brides also calculate the impact that the purchase can have on a more limited wedding budget, so this solution is very favorable for them.

2. Sustainable option

The labor put into a wedding dress with worked lace and the material costs are reused much more over time. More brides can enjoy it and get all the happy moments out of it with photos that they will treasure in their wedding albums. It will not be necessary to look for a place to store the dress without it turning yellow or to wait years to transfer it to a daughter or another relative, even more so when houses have little space.

3. All styles

If you have already reviewed catalogs and visited bridal houses, you will have a better idea of ​​what  designs are in fashion, the cuts that are imposed in your favorite firms and the most empowered vintage or boho models. Most of the bridal houses are not limited only to the sale, but also offer the rental of wedding dresses, with advice and sewing arrangements just as if you were buying the garment.

4. Types of rental

The most common format is to rent a used wedding dress, that is, some brides have already worn it. These are dresses given for rent or garments owned by the Bridal firms that are made for that purpose. The second way is to rent a first-tier design that the lucky bride can wear for a much lower price than a new model. This second option is a bit more expensive.

5. How do wedding dress rentals work?

Each enterprise has its management modality. We already mentioned that you can discover a design that you fall in love with in traditional bridal houses. Other houses can be dedicated only to rent and add different models to offer a wide range. Another way arises from community networks made up of girls who give up their dresses to rent and thus amortize the expenses of their own wedding. If you thought about it, the same can be applied to the civil wedding dress.

6. Second hand

Renting and buying second-hand are equally valid options for thrifty brides. However, in the rental house they assure you of the good condition of the garment, while a second-hand purchase could require a greater investment in repairs, especially in the lower part and in the buttoning, for which we recommend that you check it carefully.

7. Steps to rent the wedding dress

Once you have decided on this modality and have found out how much it costs to rent a wedding dress, you should start the search at least three months in advance to start trying on various models until you find the one you like. It is advisable to look for a trusted site or a specialized company that offers 100% quality. You can request advice, and better yet, a prior appointment so that the staff is available to answer all your questions. The timing of the tests is important because it ensures comfort with the garment later at the moment of truth.

8. The contract

If you have already chosen your dress, we recommend reviewing it from head to toe to avoid encountering surprises later. Next you will need to formally reserve the dress and sign a lease agreement. Many stores can offer you insurance for the risk of breakage or stains that the garment may suffer, and it is advisable to take it. Finally, if necessary, you will have to make the sewing arrangements so that the dress you selected fits your silhouette.

When the dresses have already gone through a few uses, the stores usually move them to outlet sales, which is another way to get a simple and cheap wedding dress.
Best of luck in your Wedding Dress hunt.

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