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Poolclean Service and Maintenance

6/145 Pappas Way, Carrara, QLD 4211
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Pool supplies and maintenance.

We operate a shop at Carrara and also provide on-site pool servicing and maintenance. We repair existing equipment or can supply new equipment. We specialise in pool heating. Independent business with friendly staff. Free pool water testing in store.



Free Water Testing

Come into the shop to have your pool water tested. We can provide a written report outlining your pool’s chemical status and explaining any corrective action that needs to be taken.

Free Pool maintenance Advice

Come in to the shop or arrange a home visit to get advice on stains, algae problems, poorly functioning equipment or any other concerns you might have.

On-site Pool Servicing

Over 20 years experience in the pool and pump industries. We can come to your pool for regular servicing or to diagnose and fix a specific problem. Regular services include vacuuming the pool, checking all equipment, backwashing and rinsing the filter, testing the water and adding any chemicals your pool needs.

Pool Equipment Repair

Obligation free quote for pool repairs if your pool equipment is not functioning properly. We can also arrange a replacement at a very competitive price if necessary.

Water tests are free and will provide you with a wealth of information about your pool water. The shopping centre we're situated in has plenty of parking spaces, so you'll always find a convenient spot.

We can also arrange conversion of a standard salt water pool to a magnesium pool in a way that does not require you to buy new equipment. We focus on solving problems. Our business model is not to sell you products that you don’t need, but to keep our customers happy so that they keep coming back. Pete’s extensive knowledge and experience is also a great strength of our business. If we don’t have something you need in stock, we can usually get it in for you within 24 hours. We have access to distributors of all brands of pool equipment.

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