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Jay Kirby Mens Accessories
Kew East

PO Box 418, Kew East, VIC 3102
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Men's Bow Ties, Cufflinks, Ties, Pocket Squares and Accessories Online

Jay Kirby is an independent online business in Melbourne, Australia.
We believe that affordable and stylish men's accessories shouldn't be a contradiction in terms.
We believe in creating the perfect gifts for him that will always be in style.
All our unique items from cufflinks, ties, bow ties and pocket squares are handmade by dedicated craftsmen


Bow Ties

  • Pre-Tied

  • Self-Tie


  • Classic Cuffs
  • Letters & Numbers
  • Novelty Cufflinks
  • Steampunk
  • Superhero
  • Cufflinks for Wedding
  • Wooden Cufflinks


  • Animal Pattern Ties
  • Cashmere Ties
  • Classic & Modern Ties
  • Floral Ties
  • Knitted Ties
  • Paisley Ties
  • Solid Colour Ties

And Much More

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Mens Bow Tie Online





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