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We are a Local Australian Business Directory

We are an Australian Owned and operated Local Business directory located in Melbournes South East.
At LookLocal we strive to help all sized Australian businesses get more clients.
We have been operating since 2014 and from the beginning we have made it our priority to get businesses like your noticed.

After operating as LookMeUp for many years we decided to change our name to Looklocal to better reflect our aim of helping local Businesses.
We started as a FREE Business directory but found that the time we dedicated to helping others was starting to become expensive for us.
Our listing pricing is still very affordable and we are slowly getting some rewards from helping small businesses.

How do we help small businesses?

By listing the names, websites and business addresses we increase the exposure of the companies in our listings.
Getting to the top pages of Google is not an easy feat, but by actively promoting your business on Local Directories your chances increase by a lot.
Some of our local business categories include Local BARS, RESTAURANTS & CAFES, HEALTH & WELLBEING, HOTELS & TRAVEL, Local SHOPPING and many more.

Not only do we list your business details but every new listing is also shared on our business facebook page, Instagram for Business, LinkedIn and Google my Business pages
which increases your company's exposure even more.

By Listing your information you:

  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Boost your website’s authority.
  • Increase the chances to be  found by more local customers
  • You Connect to other Local Businesses.
  • Create Backlinks to your business
  • Increase your Rank on Search engines

Our  Basic Business Listings start from just $14.95 One Time Fee and you can 

  • List Business Details
  • Instant Exposure
  • Upload Logo
  • Shared on Facebook
  • Shared on instagram
  • Shared on Pinterest
  • Shared on LinkedIn
  • Google Business Post

So to start getting more visitors to your website Create your Local Business Listing Today!


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Promote your website today. Get Your Australian Business listing and we'll share it on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
We'll share your Aussie Business on
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