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auto gas strut

Automotive Gas Struts

We specialise in Gas Struts for your car's boot or bonnets for all car makes and models. Full range of high quality Gas Struts including Bonnet Struts, Boot Struts, Tailgate Struts and more. Stabilus is the leading OEM Gas Strut Specialist. All the Major Car Brands.
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Microderm Allure Skin


Microdermabrasion is the perfect complement to your product routine. By revealing new layers of the epidermis, the treatment allows creams and serums with powerful actives to further penetrate your skin.

California Mango

Revive rough, dry skin with our lightweight non-greasy lotion. A unique blend of vitamins, humectants and highly refined oils. Extracts of Mango Butter and oils of Jojoba, Grape and Sunflower Seed to moisturise, shield and renew the skin's natural radiance.
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Medik8 was born out of a passion to strive for better skin health. Carefully developed with expertise and precision, the full range features 6 solutions that focus on common skin challenges. From anti-ageing and blemishes to pigmentation and redness, there is a solution to suit every skin typ
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