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Lookmeup is now Looklocal. We are an Australian online Business Directory of companies and organizations with a growing business member base of both end user and organizations searching for local businesses.
We have several local business categories of listings to easily find what you are looking for Businesses in VIctoria, BUsiness in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin Adelaide and Australia wide. Local Business from all states share their information to boost their online presence.
Some of our local business categories include Local BARS, RESTAURANTS & CAFESHEALTH & WELLBEING, HOTELS & TRAVEL, Local SHOPPING and many more. So
Our mobile friendly Business Directory web site makes finding the correct company on the go easy and with fast speed search engine. If you have a local enterprise and want to gain better online visibility you can register from less than 5 cents a day you can showcase your business and grow your customer base with one of our listings!
Our Australian Business Directory is growing rapidly with many new monthly businesses getting better results for a little effort. A listing on Lookmeup Business Directory is one of the best and the cheapest ways to market your business and products to a growing audience of Australian users. Both our  Standard and Premium Business listings offer great tools to really help your online searchabilty increase.